Debbie Trottier, the brains behind the reputable, trustworthy auto shop All About Imports recently held her first Car Care Clinic on Saturday, October 17, 2015.
21 early-rising gals showed up for the clinic co-hosted by Kelly Williams to learn some basics about their vehicles and how to perform some self maintenance.

In true All About Imports fashion,  the 2.5 hour session was a resounding success!

Some topics covered were:

Identifying various fluids (both clean and dirty)
Examining air filters (both clean and dirty)
How to check your oil and tire pressure
Contents of an emergency kit

The feedback was positive and one participant said “It was great! Simple. Easy. Informative!” And another said she was thankful for “hands-on time with real cars”

Debbie is proud of the turnout and happy to be able to help and teach others about their second most expensive purchase of their lives, in most cases.

While my crystal ball isn’t functioning at 100%, I hope that Debbie hosts another one of these valuable clinics to share her knowledge and educate others.




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