1. They’re less expensive to purchase by an average of $1,000.
If you know nothing else of me, know that I’m strategically thrifty. Not cheap, thrifty. And whenever I make the second biggest purchase of my life (the first being my house) I want to save smartly wherever I can. Think of how many “Insert what you really like” you can buy with $1,000!

2. It reduces the opportunity to text/talk and drive.
Similarly to a buffet, steering, shifting, signalling, changing the radio and texting is NOT a challenge. Skip the fourth plate of fried chicken. (Read: texting.)

3. You MAY become a smarter driver.
I’m not claiming that you’re a non-smart driver because I don’t know you. But even if you’re an already smart driver, having that added dimension of connecting with the car, learning how a transmission works and how to maneuver and understand it can add to the stuff that floats in your brain.

4. It’s fun!
Well, it’s fun for me and a bunch of people I know who drive a manual. And it can be fun for you as well. Not in the Fast and Furious way but in a real world setting. That initial movement when you get the car out of first gear and through the rest of the gears is something the automatic folks just can’t experience and appreciate.

5. It’s kinda hot.
Well, that’s what someone told me once. And it was a woman. And why would I argue with a woman? Women are always right. Right? Right.

6. You can teach people how to drive a manual transmission.
And by people, I mean thr possible guy/gal you’re wooing. It’s also a good excuse to get some quality time in with them and show off your car smarts. Having the ability to teach someone is a great arrow in your personal quiver.

7. It helps with coordination/multitasking!
Balancing the gear shift, clutch, steering wheel, while keeping your eyes on the road, checking your blind spots, scanning left to right, checking the speedometer and listening to what’s on the radio can all be done within three seconds.


Photo courtesy of Motortrend.com


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