2015 Mazda 6

"He’s smart, in great shape, easy going, handsome and will make someone very happy for a very long time."

Hanging out with your big brother

Hi again,

So perhaps you’re wondering where I went recently. Well, your big brother, the Mazda 6 GT, and I spent some time together. Before you ask, no, it’s nothing like the Hangover movies that we’ve seen together—I don’t have a tattoo on my face yet. Although if we had another week together, I think we may have a story for the Hangover 6.

We met up in Richmond Hill and took the “wherever the road may take us” approach. Turns out the road mostly took us to work and back, so yeah, not that exciting, but he’s pretty exciting himself, with his smooth shifting DIY transmission, damn handsome size 19 running shoes, and his Meteor Grey Mica suit. This guy cleans up pretty well!

He’s great with directions and had a full-colour map with him at all times—no matter where we went, there was never a wrong turn. Though we kept it local, it’s still good to know that I could’ve gone coast to coast with him and knew exactly where we’d be heading.

We travelled about 500 kilometres or so, and he was very economical when it came to consumption of fuel. He’s been graded at 9.4 city and 6.4 highway, but with some strategic routes and active driving perception, I managed to better that by a bit.

Although he’s a humble kinda guy, he’s proud of all the hard work he’s put into improving his physique. And to his credit, he looks great! Lean and cut with lots of definition, and an aggressive but not intimidating stance. He’s like a whole new, redesigned person.

He’s been doing lots of studying as well. He’s smarter than ever, he’s got a wider left-to-right range of night vision, he’s beefed up his audio skills and now boasts an 11-speaker premium BOSE system. He can rock ’70s AC/DC, ’80s Stevie Ray Vaughan, ’90s alternative/grunge and some 2000s stuff too… not that there’s a heck of a lot that came out in the past decade or so that’s caught my ears.

Now this isn’t any kind of a shot against him, but… I personally wish he was a little bit stronger. With all of the clear improvements he’s made over the past year, I would’ve thought there would a boost in brawn. I’m not saying he’s weak, not at all. However, if he were to increase his strength, or “horsepower,” by 20 percent, it’d be a welcome addition to making him a total package.

He’s all about comfort, too. But then again, I’m sure you already know that seeing as you’re cut from the same cloth. He’s actually quite insistent on making sure that I was perfectly placed for all of our travels. What a nice guy, eh?

He’s also pretty popular; my colleagues, family, friends and neighbours all stopped by to say “hi” to him. There were plenty of compliments about his new look.

He even made a great impression on my bosses, by being nice enough to drive them both to the airport around 4:00 on a Friday! Surprisingly, there was very little traffic so we zoom-zoomed our way there in record time. He managed to fit all their luggage and keep all three of us comfortable for the trip. He barely broke a sweat with the extra weight.

I think he wanted to give me the “If you ever hurt my sister…” talk, but he, along with everyone else, knows how well I treat you.

Overall, I really like your big brother and I think he liked me. I’d love to hang out with him again sometime; maybe we could do an actual road trip and/or check out some of the great attractions in Ontario.

He’s smart, in great shape, easy going, handsome and will make someone very happy for a very long time.

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