2015 Ford Mustang GT

"Bathed in a beautiful Competition Orange, my six-speed tester was always easy to find in a parking lot."

Giddy up!

In my recent review of the 2.3 EcoBoost Mustang, the theme was doing more with less, and Ford accomplished that handily.

The GT model, on the other hand, does more with more. How much more? Well, Ford jammed a 5.0-litre V8 Ti-VCT engine with an explosive 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque beneath the hood of the GT Premium model.

Good thing it comes with a long hood to house all that horsepower.

Bathed in a beautiful Competition Orange, my six-speed tester was always easy to find in a parking lot—even at Yorkdale on December 23. This car has a strong, aggressive and masculine stance which leaves little to the imagination once you’re behind the wheel. Inside and out, Ford has done tremendous work with this all-new offering of its classic, historic vehicle via the GT model.

Starting in the low $40,000s, my tester’s options included adaptive speed control, the performance package (larger tires and 19-inch rims), reverse park assist, beautiful Recaro leather seats and a navigation system. With all those ticks on the option sheet, you’re looking at the mid-$50,000s before you canter out of the dealership.

The Mustang lineup has eight different models to choose from and if I’m being honest, and of course I am, the GT premium is what I’d lean towards if I won the lottery. For a performance sports car with immense power, it’s still a comfortable daily driver—you could fit some groceries and a good-looking passenger in the front seat, and maybe a couple of folks in the rear seats!

Shifting gears is done with ease, as the GT is responsive to every movement. The available drive mode options let you select between normal, snow/wet, sport, and track, and in a relatively dry week in April, I mostly bounced between normal and sport. In normal mode, the GT is sheer driving pleasure; flip the switch to sport and, well, add a bolded exclamation point to the experience.

Inside, the SYNC with the MyFord Touch system is easy to maneuver, and the available Shaker Pro Audio system can fill the well-designed cabin with 390 watts of toe-tappin’ tunes.

The dashboard gauges have a retro feel to them, with Ground Speed and Revolutions Per Minute being actually written out. The steering wheel has the standard audio, Bluetooth and cruise control mounted controls, and of course the unmistakeable galloping mustang is emblazoned on the steering wheel itself.

Ford’s site describes its 2015 offerings as “an entirely new, totally classic Mustang.” At first glance, that phrase is contradictory, isn’t it? But Ford has successfully melded the classic elements for Mustang purists with today’s technology. For each available seat in the car, (especially the driver) Ford has made the drive comfortable and current, that is, no more sliding around as a rear passenger. And if you’re lucky enough to ride shotgun, there’s one helluva view from the right side of the car.

Mustang has a rich history and Ford has blended the nostalgic with the current in their latest offering. It’s kind of like getting a haircut, a new suit, a new watch, cufflinks, new shoes and losing 40 pounds—you’ll look dapper on the outside but on the inside, you’re still the classic, wonderful and unforgettable person everyone knows and loves.

Even if your suit is Competition Orange.

(Image courtesy of newscarsreview.com )

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