2015 Ford Edge

"Families looking for a vehicle that’s stylish, functional, practical, tech-savvy and fun to drive, the new Ford Edge should definitely be on their “gotta try it” list."

The strong and silent type

And our final contestant is Jay Kana, a marketing and advertising pro, auto journalist and musician.

Jay, welcome!
Thanks Alex, it’s great to be here.
Let’s get started, shall we? Jay, you have control of the board.
Let’s go with “fill in the blank with this four letter word starting and ending with E with letters D and G in between” for $200.

Aerosmith’s 1991 hit song, Livin’ on the ____
What is “Edge?”

Fill in the blank for $400
Guitarist David Howell Evans stage name
What is the “Edge?”
Right you are. Go again

Fill in the blank for $600
Stevie Nicks was on the _____ of seventeen
What is the “Edge?”
You’re on a roll…carry on.

Same category $800
Canadian Wrestler Adam Joseph Copeland’s wrestling name.
What is “Edge”

$1,000, Alex
The vehicle featured in this review
“Easy stuff, Alex. What is the 2015 Ford “Edge!”

Good work Jay. Now stop playing fake Jeopardy! and give the readers what they want.

The Edge crossover has been taken apart and put back together for 2015’s model year and the folks at Ford have produced a stellar vehicle as a result.
Starting with what’s beneath the hood, there are three engine choices.
A 2.0 L EcoBoost 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft. of torque available in the SE/SEL/Titanium trim.
A 3.5 L V6 good for 280 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque available in the SE/SEL/Titanium trim.
And the whopping 2.7 L V6 twin-turbocharged engine loaded with 315 horsepower and 350 lb-ft. of torque available only in the top of the line Sport model.
Having three engines for four models is a bit high (SE/SEL/Titanium/Sport) but each buyer will have different lifestyles and as such, will require a different engine. For those towing boats, trailers, etc, the 3.5 is the sure-fire bet. For the city-mostly folk, the 2.0 is the winner to me. And for those who want power to be covered in any situation, the Sport trim is for you.
My Titanium model had the optional 3.5 L motor and provided smooth acceleration in city and highway conditions and I never felt like the Edge was lagging or struggling to get up to speed. What’s more impressive was the quietness of the cabin at highway speeds. Ford’s acoustic glass treatment and great build quality (well done, Oakville!) has provided serenity for up to five. To me, that equates to not having to crank the volume to hear the music through the 12-speaker Sony system, standard on the Titanium trim. But I did anyway.

2015 Ford Edge

2015 Ford Edge2015 Ford Edge











The ride quality is extremely smooth and balanced for a larger vehicle. Don’t expect to win a slalom event with this car but do count on always feeling secure and safe while you’re navigating twists and turns in a rural or urban setting.

Designing the exterior of any crossover is a challenge; how do you take a rectangular people mover and make it appealing, sporty, sleek-ish and attractive? Ford’s solution was to create a beautiful front end with bold yet simplistic styling. You give it sleek, attractive rear lighting and a shapely tailgate.  A large grill with available active shutters, sharp lines, and an elegant overall design. The previous Edge wasn’t an eyesore but the new Edge is truly eye-catching. Full marks to the design team.

2015 Ford Edge2015 Ford Edge2015 Ford Edge










Inside, the Edge continues to impress with available heated and cooled 10-way leather trimmed sport seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel with all the expected controls, a clean, modern, non-cluttered cabin layout with plenty of storage space in the front half. The Titanium and Sport models allow you to choose one of seven ambient light colors and the available panoramic Vista roof gives the interior a wide open feel.
Controls are all well within reach for the driver and finding a comfortable seating position was done with ease. The centre stack is via Ford’s SYNC 8” touch screen which is steadily improving year over year. With SYNC 3 around the corner, it should clear up any issues folks have with the system.
Safety-wise, there’s a wide array of available options, from a 180 degree front camera to enhanced park assist (perpendicular and parallel) to BLIS and several others.

The trunk space in the Edge is good with 1,111 litres with the rear seats up and 2,078 litres with the seats folded down. My sister got married in late August and I was tasked with taking flowers from the church to the reception. And not just a couple of roses. How many flowers, you ask? This picture should sum it up nicely.

2015 Ford Edge


Families looking for a vehicle that’s stylish, functional, practical, tech-savvy and fun to drive, the new Ford Edge should definitely be on their “gotta try it” list. Road trips, trips to the hockey arena at 6:00 am, soccer practice, groceries for Christmas dinner and other regular activities for the North American family can easily be handled by the Edge.  Expect to be beckoned if you have friends that need help moving as well.
As the SUV/crossover market continues to be filled with great offerings and manufacturers have to find a way to stay competitive as advances and improvements happen as fast as gray hairs show up on my head.  Ford has done well with revamping the Edge and with a quality offering inside and out, it’ll be a strong contender for those looking for a larger capacity vehicle without the bulky, large-vehicle driving feel.
Ford has sharpened the Edge in an effort to stay a cut above the competition.

I’m here every week, try the steak and please tip your servers.


SE $31,515
SEL $37,910
Titanium $42,033
Sport $48,067

As per: http://www.ford.ca/crossovers/edge/pricing/

Yay: Spacious, quiet, functional and practical. Three available engines will suit almost every need
Nay: 2015’s SYNC has shown strong improvements over prior models but still isn’t quite perfect. The upcoming SYNC 3 should clear all that up

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