2014 Mazda 3

"I can see that beauty runs in the family. As you know, I was in a relationship with your older cousin from June 2005 to June 2009."

A letter to my daily driver about my week with the 2014 Mazda 3

Hi honey,

I imagine you’re wondering why I spent the week with your younger cousin, the 2014 Mazda 3 GT. It’s not what you think… your parents said she’s new in town and since I’ve treated you so well, I should show her around. I should’ve told you but it all happened so fast and I wanted to tell you earlier but didn’t find the right time to. I hope this letter doesn’t upset you as it’s clearly not my intent. Rather, it’s to be honest with you.

I can see that beauty runs in the family. As you know, I was in a relationship with your older cousin from June 2005 to June 2009, and it was like we spent 160,000 kilometres together before she decided to end it—but without that, I never would’ve found my way to you in 2009.

For a week, I took your younger cousin to work every day; she’s been a pleasure to drive with. At the push of a button, she was ready to go and she ensured an extremely comfortable drive from midtown to Port Credit. When we had to make turns, she hung on tightly and made sure that I was always securely in place. (Auto speak: The push-button start in the 2014 brings the car to life. The handling is great and sporty with well-balanced and smooth turns. Drive quality is wonderful.)

So, I’m kind of a shoe guy, as you know by now. While I do love your classic kicks, imagine my surprise to find her modern style so attractive; you girls are always broadening my fashion horizons. (Auto speak: I love my 2010 rims but Mazda’s really done a fantastic job on the 2014 GT rims.)

Your little black cocktail dress is something I’ll always be drawn to. After your beautiful bright eyes, it was the second thing I noticed. Your cousin wore a gorgeous, deep red dress that turned heads all week. I’ve also seen you in red, and I’m sure she’d look just as stunning in black. You girls can both carry bold colours. (Auto speak: It’s very hard to get red right on a car. Next to the 2014 Mazda 3, the only other red that’s caught my eye over the past few years was on a Lexus.)

Can I say she’s also got a great body? I know, I know, it’s not a flattering thing to say to you. You both have beautiful lines; let’s just say her body is curved in different places and while I’m sure she’ll get lots of second, third and fourth looks, remember that you experienced the same thing back in 2009, and probably still do. (Auto speak: The 2014 has a completely new body design that’s sleek, sexy and elegant. Maybe I’m biased, but I still love the 2010 design, even with the 2014’s aggressive stance. There are more defined lines in the 2014.)

She’s incredibly smart too, with a terrific sense of direction, safety and intuition. We never got lost, she’s clear and articulate with her directions, and if I slightly cross lanes, she lets me know. Oh, and she’s got this new nine-speaker Bose sound system that really rocks—it was custom made for her! A solid low end, a crisp high end and clear mids contribute to a high-quality musical experience. (Auto speak: The navigation and safety features, such as lane-keeping system, are well designed and integrated into the centre console. The Bose sound system is a great touch! And—very importantly—the available Active Driving Display is definitely adjustable via the seven-inch colour touchscreen and HMI commander switch (rotary and push-and-tilt dial behind the gear-shift). It takes a bit of getting used to since it’s instinctive to put your hand to the centre console to operate these functions.)

She’s got bright eyes that move side to side so she can see more of what’s going on and keep me safe. Yes, I know your eyes move up and down to help me see straight ahead, but being able to see what’s around the corner is also a great safety feature. She wants me to keep my hands on the wheel when things start to get intense at high speeds—I’m only talking safety—so she’s allowed me to keep both hands on the wheel and all she needs are my fingertips to control her. (Auto speak: Adaptive Front Lighting allows for horizontal movement of the headlights (15 degrees) and paddle shifters are standard on the GT model.)

Dates are more affordable, too. We went out for over 500 kilometres, and we only used a bit more than half of the tank! I guess being younger gives you more stamina for having fun any day of the week. (Auto speak: the SkyActiv technology is great.)

She’s won lots of awards, and rightfully so. She’s the total package in her class. Don’t be jealous. Your mantle was also decked out in trophies when we first started our relationship. You’re both beautiful and deserving of the accolades. (Auto speak: Click the links.)

That’s all I wanted to say for now, and I hope you know I’m still madly in love with you after five great years; we’ve only just begun. You may read that she’s hotter, sexier, smarter, stronger, in better shape and a great upgrade from you and your other in-class friends… everyone’s got an opinion, right? But you can’t believe everything you read. You can, however, believe everything you experience. She will be shown off frequently by many people—the same way you were only a few years ago.

I’ll see you tonight. I’ll make your favourite meal and afterwards we can go for a nice long, romantic drive, just like we did when we were young.



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