Jay Kana

Found in the drivers seat making bad puns, writing auto reviews and lifestyle pieces. Is a fan of 6 strings, chicken wings and the letter Q.

Alicja Parlak

Walks around with her head firmly stuck in the Creative Cloud, dreaming up new ways of designing and producing digital content that’s stylish and informative. Holds a Master of Cat Herding from Feline University. Recently spotted at alicjaparlak.com Also, makes the cars look pretty.

Right foot

Responsible for operating the veolcitator and deceleratrix. Often confused for the left foot while dancing.

Left foot

Operates the clutch pedal on manual transmission vehicles. When not in use, he's pretty lazy and sleeps by the firewall. Knows how to tear it up on the dance floor.


Keeps the glare away and allows for clearer, squint-free vision.